Meet Vivienne, the face behind “TheVOGuide”


I’m so excited you’re here! I’m Vivienne the face behind thevoguide. I’ve created a series of FAQs that may answer some of your questions about the why, what and when for The VO Guide.

Traveling was never a passion of mine but it started as a way of life. I’ve been exploring the world since I was an infant where I got to experience other countries and cultures at a very young age, but as an adult I wanted to see more of the world but didn’t have the security, money or direction of my parents or concierge teams to help plan and execute my travels perfectly. So I started to explore with the love of my life, made lots of mistakes but learned so many travel tips and tricks along the way; and now I am here to share them with you. When i’m not at my desk lending my expertise in the World of Public Health, i’m searching for flights to my next destination or putting together a travel guide with so many goodies!

Vivienne Okafor Travel Blogger

 “Let me help you travel better,
Broader and wiser”


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